Monday, October 13, 2008

Mexican dinner

Our neighborhood English class will be held at our house tonight.  Robin is making a wonderful Mexican Dinner for everyone.  And she's topping it off with one of her famous Chocolate Cheesecakes.  Our friends are really excited about this.

They have never had real Tex-Mex before, so we're making everything extremely mild.  Robin made some salsa for them that tastes like tomatoes and onions with a little kick.  I made another batch for us that'll make you sweat!

This is a God-given opportunity for us to earn the right to share Christ with our neighbors.  They asked us to teach them... and invited us over weekly for dinner in order for us to do so.  Please continue to pray for open doors here.


The Herd said...

Way Coolio!!! How did it go?

perrinministries said...

It was awesome! We started talking about spiritual things, but backed off before it got overwhelming for them. Next time we'll be able to go further! And we ate until we hurt!!!