Monday, August 31, 2009


With McD's and Subway

Friday, August 21, 2009

What we did this summer... (part 3)

We survived the trip to IN, and then things really got crazy...


Almost all the of the grandchildren with a blurry Grandma Wathen (Jon's mom).  It was the mother of all family reunions at my parents' house! (about 45 people in all)


Ryan's first youth camp. (with his dad)


The girls went to Camp Dry Gulch.  These are their bunkmates.


And finally... Rudy's, home of the worst Bar-B-Q in Texas!

So... there you have it!  That was our summer in a nutshell.

What we did this summer... (part 2)

More juicy details (and pictures)...


Playing at the lakehouse with family and friends. (We had Robin's family reunion as well)


With Grandpa & Grandma Perrin at the Tyler, TX Children's Science Museum.


At Meramac Caverns in Missouri. (One of Jesse James' hideouts)


At the St. Louis Zoo (Free!!!)


And in the St. Louis Arch.


We saw Perrin Rd. somewhere in IL when we made a potty stop.

What we did this summer... (part 1)

I know you've got nothing better to do than read our blog and you've been dying to find out what we did this summer.  So I thought I'd reduce your stress level by giving you an answer to this all-important question.  This post will have lots of pictures, so be patient if it loads a bit slowly.

Here are some pictures of our family exploits...


Emma and Robin on the train.  Here they are helping distribute lunch to everyone.  It took 3 trains, 3 planes and two automobiles to get us there.


Everyone enjoying Starbucks in Newark, NJ airport.


We played LaserTag with some good friends the weekend we arrived.  And I (Jon) schooled everyone!


Garage sale from hell!!!  This is only a third of the stuff!


Ryan and dad built this trailer and he got to mow the lawn.


We visited Stonehenge II in Hunt, TX (notice Ryan with the barf bag in his hand).

Amazingly relaxing day!


Yesterday we took a road trip to Lake Titisee (I know, I know...)  It was absolutely gorgeous... an incredibly relaxing day. 

It was a 90 min trip and we took the shortest route there. (Robin ferienwohnungalmost hurled, even though she was driving)  We went through beautiful scenic hillsides, past typical Black Forest houses,  up over the Feldberg mountain... even stopping in a quaint village for a yummy lunch!

The lake was waayyyy too cold, so we swam in the pool.  Then we Sonntagsstimmung am Titiseerented a boat (low speed, electric-powered and cheap) and took a trip around the lake.  Then we finished with pizza and burgers.  It was a great trip and an awesome day!

PS. We took the long, straight way home :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Creative girls!

Ashton & Emma had some fun with Playdough a few days ago. They created this mom & two kids. Pretty amazing!