Friday, August 21, 2009

What we did this summer... (part 1)

I know you've got nothing better to do than read our blog and you've been dying to find out what we did this summer.  So I thought I'd reduce your stress level by giving you an answer to this all-important question.  This post will have lots of pictures, so be patient if it loads a bit slowly.

Here are some pictures of our family exploits...


Emma and Robin on the train.  Here they are helping distribute lunch to everyone.  It took 3 trains, 3 planes and two automobiles to get us there.


Everyone enjoying Starbucks in Newark, NJ airport.


We played LaserTag with some good friends the weekend we arrived.  And I (Jon) schooled everyone!


Garage sale from hell!!!  This is only a third of the stuff!


Ryan and dad built this trailer and he got to mow the lawn.


We visited Stonehenge II in Hunt, TX (notice Ryan with the barf bag in his hand).

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The Herd said...

Awesome times! Who did the g-sale?
I just started my summer postings!! YIKES!