Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Snowflakes in France


We just went on a shopping trip to France today.  It sounds so romantic but we live just on the border of Germany with France and Switzerland within sight. 

I had so much fun because there was an actual "mall" there.  It wasn't comparable to American malls but a mall nonetheless.  We found some American items that we couldn't find in Germany.  (ex. Neutrogena face soap, Maybelline mascara, Pepperidge farm cookies, tube yogurt, Lay's chips, canned cokes)  We feel like we just hit the lottery! 

Anyway, it started to snow.  (It's about 25* here)  While we were in the parking lot waiting for our car to warm up, the snow would touch the windows and stick.  Emma was just so amazed at all the different shapes and how they were so perfect.  I couldn't remember the last time that I just took a moment to enjoy something so small. So, we just sat in the car in the parking lot for awhile... talking about snowflakes!  Of course Jon had an epiphany and started to write a sermon about how amazing God is that his creations are so amazingly different.

Oh yeah, on our way ...there was a wild boar in the middle of the road in the snow!  It was just sort of surreal.

Thanks Emma for the reminder of how wonderful snowflakes are!

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