Friday, April 24, 2009

Awesome day...

P1010029This week we were in Laax, Switzerland at a minister's conference. Our hotel was at the bottom of a ski run in the Alps... Amazingly beautiful! (Robin will post some pictures soon.)

To top it off, as we were driving there I P1010033saw what looked like a row of Dragon's Teeth (a WWII tank trap). On the way back we stopped and checked it out. The farmer that owned the property gave us permission to take some pictures of the row of concrete barriers that now serves as his flower garden.

P1010038Apparently, even though the barriers were erected to protect against invasion in the 1930s, they are still maintained in various critical areas of the country. In the last picture you can see one of the pillboxes that protects the tank trap.

For a history lover like me, it was an awesome ending to a great week!

For more pictures (besides mine), go to

Dad, Joe & Tom: eat your heart out! :)

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