Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mardi Gras-German Style

Carnival is interesting in Germany.  In our part of the country, this  “time of indulgence”  concludes with a “Hexenball” which is literally translated a witch party …complete with various forms of “gratification”.  Our village decorates the main square with strands of undergarments. 

The top photo is undershirts and the “Hexenball” banner.

Notice the three strands of underwear/bras in the bottom photo.  (The locals say that the underwear strands are a symbol of the “indiscretions” that the people are allowed during Carnival.  It’s too hard to remember with whom and at which house they slept the night before so they are just supposed to hang their clothing outside the house so they can be found.)

On ASH WEDNESDAY (today), they go to the local Catholic church and are supposed to repent for their sins.  (Well, at least the ones that they remember).  However, I thought that it is interesting that the school children (during the first hour of school) also go to mass and are supposed to repent for their “sins” of Carnival. Hmmmm.



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