Monday, February 16, 2009

Flaming microwaves!

Tonight when I was using our microwave/grill oven to grill some (American!) hotdogs, it started smoking after only 30 seconds.  I opened it up, gave it a quick wipe down with a wet rag (even though it looked clean) and turned it back on.

This time I walked away for a minute or two.  When I came back, it was belching out smoke… and it was a little extra “bright” inside.  Well I opened it up immediately to stop the cycle.  Not only did thick smoke come pouring out (reminiscent of a burning tire), the top – near the heating element – was aflame.

The fire extinguisher is downstairs, so I decided to try to put it out by myself.  I instinctively knew better than using water (yes, I know, I’m patting myself on the back), so I did the next best thing… I tried to blow it out.

At first, I didn’t blow hard enough and only made it a bit bigger.  Good news, though, after a few seconds I had it out.  Now comes the funny part.

It turns out my girls tried microwaving an egg while the babysitter was here and - yup, you guessed it – it exploded.  She cleaned the surface, but it turns out that there were egg remains above the protective grate that reacted to the heat.  When they mentioned the egg after we got home the other night, I never thought about the possible ramifications…

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