Monday, February 23, 2009

In France, is this just called “bread”?

Feb 23,2009 001 "

Jon and I went to France this morning to go shopping.  (It’s just 25 mins away)  There are some things that you can get in France that you can’t find in Germany like canned soft drinks, real orange juice, Frubes yogurt, Pepperidge farms cookies (sadly not Milanos), Neutrogena face soap, Maybelline mascara.  I saw some French Bread and thought it would be a shame if I didn’t buy some “French” Bread while I was in France.  I should have found some “French” Fries, too. 

We really need to learn some French.  Every time we go there, we end up doing “charades” just to communicate.  Of course we know Merci, entree, sorti,  toilettes but I thought it was interesting that they actually say “Viola” when they hand you whatever you just purchased.  I always thought is was used for a magic trick or something.  But, it’s just like “here ya go”!

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