Friday, September 4, 2009

A little brown sugar, if you please...

One of the things you miss most in a foreign country is cooking with the ingredients from your home country.  One of the things from home that we can't get here in Germany is brown sugar.  Yes, they have "brown sugar", but it's not the same as what we have in America.  And when you're cooking, in order to get the right flavor you need the right ingredients.

There is a Dutch organization that delivers North American ingredients to missionary organizations and they have partnered with our kids' school.  So we were able to purchase some good ol' American brown sugar.  The funny thing is that it is can only be purchased in 55 lb sacks.  Yes, that's right, a 55 lb sack of brown sugar!


So, needless to say, we've now got enough for awhile.  Actually, we have enough for the entire neighborhood to come borrow some (not that we'd advertise this, or even that the Germans would want any).  This is like edible gold! 


We ended up putting it in 50 one gallon ziploc bags (just kidding... it fit into these 10 bags).

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The Herd said...

No way, you invited me over for lettuce wraps, but didn't volunteer one of these babies!!!!! This is AWESOME!!!