Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oops…I did it again!

Okay, Jon’s birthday is today.  I am usually the one that has a birthday present ready for weeks and have the house decorated with balloons the night before so the birthday person wakes up to a party atmosphere.  I’ve been known to even have a scavenger hunt prepared.  But, at 7:30pm last night…..I remembered Jon’s birthday.  My first thought is that there is a grocery store in the next village that is open until 8:00pm.  So, I told him that I needed eggs for tomorrow and drove very fast to the store.  All I could find was a cold coffee drink and some chocolates, and of course, eggs.   I found something to wrap them in and left them on the table for him to see first thing this morning.  He thanked me. I thought I got away with it….until he asked me WHEN I purchased these “presents” for him.  I knew I couldn’t lie, but….

Let me give you a little background.  Jon is such a thoughtful man and he brings me flowers just for no reason.  But, He ALWAYS forgets my birthday until the night before and then I get some grocery store present.  So, after YEARS of harassing him  and giving him lectures about thinking ahead and how valuable I am, etc, etc….  I forget his birthday!  Maybe I won’t be so hard on him next time.

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