Friday, March 13, 2009

Quaint Germany

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We live in a village of 250 people called Sitzenkirch …(pronounced zit-sen-keerk).  It’s such a quaint village that has only one small restaurant and a wood working shop.  The other “businesses” are from homes.  There are two fruit, jam, egg and fresh cow milk stands.  On Friday mornings, one of the stands has fresh homemade, wood-oven baked sourdough bread.  We walk down mid-morning on Fridays and buy this warm delicious bread for 2 Euros.  It usually is 1/2 eaten by the time we get home. 

The other stand has homemade gifts of crafts, stitching, marmalade and used books. The ladies that run this stand in front of their house are an 80 year old woman and her 100 year old mother.  They, along with the other older people in the village, are seen walking down the paths (with their walkers in tow) every time the weather is nice.  The other Germans walk rain or shine, snow or sleet.  They have such a healthy respect for the outdoors here. 

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